Whistleblowers get shafted by large corporate attacks

This page will soon have content with listings of the retaliation that is taking place today against many of the people that have stood up to corporate injustice and unethical behavior.

We will try to keep this content fresh with as much information as possible that is not duplicated elsewhere.

It’s time America stand united to protect these people. We should all be outraged at the fact that companies like enron can continue to proactively use unknown bloggers to attack these people on a personal level.

If you have a story of corporate corruptness please let us know and let’s show the world how widespread this is.

The Occupy Movement and hope the public outcry that has been demonstrated will impact the Officers of these corporations to do the ethical thing and change their business practices and help fight off the attacks being performed on these individuals.

we can only help guide and invite further action by the feds in reigning-in this behavior with fair, balanced legal proceedings against profit takers who knowingly or thru ignorance break the law.

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